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This intriguing picture illustrates the idea of consumerism from a different angle. It shows the side we as privileged consumers do not often see. The people that have to make our fancy products, or the people that get the short end of the stick when it comes to our money being spent.

12 Satirical Illustrations Showing How Our World Is Sick

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Street Artist Depicts Social Media Addiction Through Satirical Graffiti

The picture shows a crying kid who is upset that he doesn't have any likes or follows or comments on instagram. This shows how kids are being raised in a generation where social media is an important aspect of our lives, and if you don't look good on social media then you have failed. It's using more Juvenalian satire than Horatian.

Setti þetta inn til að minna mig á að við getum gert mjög flott intro þó það sé stutt. Jafnvel búið til eitthvað alveg í 3d og renderað. T.d. establishing skot.

Nessie the Loch Ness Monster inspired Satire Cross Stitch Believe! The Important think is that i believe in myself This cross stitch design