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Competition prep looks very different as a vegetarian competitor. Here is my meal 5 of the day. Tofu noodles kidney beans and peas. 236 calories and 16g of protein. 12 weeks out I will be starting my cut down diet soon. Most say I'm crazy trying to build muscle on a plant based diet. I am living proof that you don't need meat to be a competitive bikini competitor! Do it your way and ignore the haters! #gains #lean #lovefitness #fitnessmotivation #fitlife #vegetarian #vegetarianfood…

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If you're getting ready for a bikini competition, check out our Top 10 Show tips that will make your prep a lot easier! [ ] #Competition #bikini #elegance

The Bikini Competition Training Guide: Professional Bikini Contest Preparation Guide by Mr. Daniel Burke,


Video Article: Amanda Latona's Pro Bikini Glute Workout - Video Article: Amanda Latona's Pro Bikini Glute Workout

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For all the ladies who want nice sculpted glutes, here is a great glute workout from NPC Bikini Competitor Nikki Blackketter