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The iPod has nothing on this adorably turquoise transistor radio from the early 1960s. This is too cute :)

Vintage Transistor Radio ~ We thought we were really "cool", having our own portable tunes. Way before MP3 players. They sounded staticcy and they'd drop the station if you turned in the wrong direction. But, they were OURS! And we felt very lucky to have one!

Pocket Transistors. The iPod of the 60s.

Vintage Hitachi Model WH-829H 2-Band (BC-SW), 8 Transistor, Made In Japan, Slide-In Battery Compartment, Circa 1962.

from Etsy

Vintage GE 1964 Portable Transistor Radio

Transistor radio - I used to sleep with one of these under my pillow, so my mom couldn't hear me listening to music after I was supposed to be sleeping

The first transistor radio hit the consumer market in 1953. The Regency TR-1 featured four germanium transistors operating on a 22.5-volt battery that provided over twenty hours of life. Between 1953-1956 the number of transistor radios sold doubled, and by 1965 more than 12 million transistor radios were being sold a year.

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