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As soon as I swatched ChG Love’s A Beach and I’m Not Lion I knew I had to use them together, both are gorgeous! So this is what I came up with… This was...

Small space and low budget but want to look glam?! My fiancé built this make shift vanity for me. I had this glass tiered table for around $40 online and then my fiancé installed lights, a ledge, put up the mirror and then added little metal carriers for nail polish and hairsprays all from ikea for around $85!! You can customize, but it's an alternative for small spaces in NYC studio apartments!

Planning to do this hair for my birthday this year. Oh yeah, classic and curls

from OMGFacts

A former pro skater is designing a custom house that is completely skateable

Makeup Brush 101! Oh my gosh, where has this pin been all my life?!

skin is not my favorite feature. know body ever really walks down the street and says " oh my gosh, I love her skin!" skin i guess affects fashion because it compliments the clothing?

Estilo Amy Winehouse! Adoooroooo!!!