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How long should a baby be awake for? Plus, tips to help soothe a baby with colic, tips for how to get your new baby to sleep, and survival tips for a new mom.

Are you a Star Wars geek? Is the Jedi force in your baby's future? Babies look a bit like Yoda anyway; this hat only accentuates those little bug-eyes.

Knox's Night-Night Rudolph Red

It's just not Christmas without the most traditional Christmas Night Nights of all time! You had them... your parents had them... and now your little ones need

Nursing box - a way to help with the nursing of a newborn with a toddler in the house

Good idea...A special activity box for your toddler used only while you're nursing the baby (independent and engaging activities to keep him/her occupied, and also 100% unique so it's something for him/her to look forward to...)

INCREDIBLE video shows baby in amniotic sac outside the womb. Watch what happens when the doc cuts open the sac.