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thaila, percy and grover are the only ones who will ever get it. and i like it that way :)

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If you sing this to Jason Grace he laughs, he's a good sport about it. If you sing it to Thalia Grace, well it won't be pretty.

esp. in Percy Jackson books when the monsters had weird greek names and i'm just like, "Polynaksleufhcyus" tags; when you're reading a book with a hard-to-pronounce word Harry Potter: Uh… that character, he has a name. PENSIEVE WAS THE HARDEST WORD I EVER NEVER SAID.<<<< For me it was "Dodona" I can't say it out loud and my dad laughed at me when I tried...

Children of the big three, percy jackson, the heroes of olympus, Thalia Grace, Nico di Angelo, the lightning tief, the sea of monsters, the titan curse, the battle of the labyrinth, the last Olympian, the lost hero, the son of Neptune, the mark of Athena, the house of hades

I love this way more than I should have tbh

could ANYTHING be more awkward than that??

I don't really know how I feel about Thaluke, but this is pretty awesome

If Rick touches my babies, there will be more blood spilt upon the ancient stones.<<<<I love Rick but I had too....