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Good to see someone thinking out of the box! This is almost the exact same way I make items. Here is the last one I built.

You Are My Sunshine Photo Gift

You Are My Sunshine Photo Gift, kid-made from pegs and cardboard! Perfect gift for a loved one!

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Flickr Friday

He's taken my notebook. I hid, but he found it in the crevice behind the bed. I still have my pen. I can't stop writing, but he makes me wash my hands everyday and I start over the next day.-- this is literally is my life

Immune Boosting Garden Herb Stock

Immune Boosting Garden Herb Stock @OmNomAlly Make this Garden Herb Stock for a flavourful meal base with the extra benefits of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting actions.

Kane pulled me into the conference room and locked the door behind him. He pushed me against the wall, his hands on the wall beside me head. I couldn't move away from him, he had me pinned. I was nervous he was going to yell at me, I couldn't read his eyes. He stared at me, his eyes shining with so many emotions it scared me. Anger, sadness, confusion, even adoration. "Why am I so afraid to lose you when you are not even mine," He whispered softly, leaving me speechless. "I've never felt…

( no powers or fandoms, open rp) I live in a town, nobody gets me and I have no friends. Except for one, and she gets me. The town I live in is dark and busy. Everybody does the same thing every day like machines. This is my view...... For now. I'm thinking of running away..... Tonight.

Natural Australian Wool Comforter

French artist Nadia HEEEL APARTE SCHOUDER BEDEKKING Dafri creates textile jewellery but some of her works remind scarves like this beautiful work for example.