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10th World Championships in Wheel Gymnastics Day 4 Senior Men Spiral ...

This is me, i'm 5'1 but i'm supposed to end up being close to 6ft by the time i stop growing!!!

Great Cyr Wheel shot- THIS girl's face is everywhere, and rightfully so! Angelica Bongiovanni is the best there is :)

bridle-less: soundtrack-for-lovers: e-q-u-i-t-a-t-e: I am loving these schooling exercises, they are super helpful and a great way to improve both horse and rider. [x] Exercises by Ali M. I currently have the pinwheel of death set up but have been too scared to try it… the bounces one though… OMG The pin wheel one is actually awesome!! We had one up for a while and it was fun once the horses figured out what they were doing, however, the bending bounces looks crazy I.o

I want there to be a movie where these twins are both sides of tumblr and both think the other is a fail but then something happens and they have to work together