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Marie Antoinette's Cupcakes 8 by foster1883 on DeviantArt

patterns in light Marie Antoinette's Cupcakes 8

How to make REAL Indian Masala Chai in a few minutes.  I like reading her story of watching and learning from the chaiwallas in India.  I must try this recipe!  I love trying new chai recipes... even though I have my own "keeper" !!!

How to Make Real Indian Masala Chai Tea in 5 Minutes

Love a good chai, but can't figure out how to make your own at home? Here's a quick and easy REAL Indian Masala Chai Tea recipe with real food ingredients.

Great Indian Food blog...Glossary of Indian Spices in English and Hindi

Garam Masala recipe Blend of spices used in Indian cooking. As the Italians have their "sauce", every Indian home has their own Garam Masala blend.

DREAM CATCHERS Photo:  This Photo was uploaded by Magicdwags. Find other DREAM CATCHERS pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free imag...

Dreamcatchers - Not just Chippewa but Cherokee and other tribes created their own. To be a protective charm to the young. I had one through out my childhood

'Day 26 of #listersgottalist: my dream life'  This is such a beautiful page. I am definitely going to create one of my own

is one of my favorite Hobonichi posting accounts. Her calligraphy is 👌🏼 and her nature doodles are so delicate and beautfiul, they tie together everything.

Woman of Kamchatka Peninsula. Russia

78 Traditional Costumes from around the World ...

Eurasia: People of Kamchatka, Russia. I am amazed at the similarities to our own indigenous peoples in North America. It really lends credence to the theory that people migrated across ice bridges to North America from Siberia

Time for a picnic, a game of cowboys and Indians, a cosy place to sit and read, camping by torchlight, a tea party with friends or a rocket ship shooting to the stars. Your very own Project Teepee ...

Project Teepee: A DIY Project the Kids Will Love