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2014 Moonbeam Medalist. "Would Someone Please Answer the Parrot! tells the hilarious story of twin seven-year-olds who are given a talking parrot named Guapo. The clever bird can imitate voices, sirens, dogs and even the telephone. The twins love the noisy parrot but their parents do not."

2015 Moonbeam Medalist - Best Illustrator. "The man made of stars is hard at work every night, bringing more and more light to the world, bit by bit. But what is his secret, and where does he go every evening when he walks out past town with his lantern twinkling? This is the story of one curious child who, determined to come up with an answer to this mystery, discovers something incredible about himself..." @iliveinspired

2013 Moonbeam Medalist. "A woman drives a tractor through town and, thanks to the tractor’s noisy engine, can’t hear all the things people say about her as she drives by. They comment on her clothes and her hair, but mostly they seem confused as to why a woman is driving a tractor in the first place. A fun, original tale about turning a deaf ear to negativity and prejudice, this story will inspire children to embrace who they are and to believe they can grow up to be anything they want to…

2012 Moonbeam Medalist. "Eager for adventure, the young nene goose Nele sneaks out of her protective pen. Will Tutu's (Grandmother's) lessons keep Nele alive in the danger-filled world? Part of the proceeds from book sales go to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for the protection of these endangered native birds."

2016 Moonbeam Medalist. "Crunch the guinea pig loves his food, so it's just as well there's plenty of it, especially when a hungry little mouse wants a share! So why does Crunch refuse? Later, Crunch can't settle to his feast for worrying about the mouse."

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