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:"Having breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same coffee shop due to mural job, always see this fat cat sleeping and no one disturbing her..."

A little handmade patchwork blanket for a friend's newborn baby. Congratulations!! 🎉🎉🎉

Throwback on the set-up day. While we are busying with hanging the new paintings, cafe cats are also very busy playing with the wrapping paper, bag, box, almost everything that we brought inside the cat room 😂😅 More photos at:

Ginger "Happy Flyday!!"

Happy Holiday!!! Ginger's new year wish :"More Love!!"

BaiBai :"These are mine! You cannot touch!!"

Happy New Year!!! BaiBai's new year wish :"More Food!!"

LaiLai : Merry Christmas!!"

LaiLai's new year wish :"More Sleep!!"

Today's palette colour 😊 Working on the new painting for our upcoming exhibition in 2017.