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:"Having breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same coffee shop due to mural job, always see this fat cat sleeping and no one disturbing her..."

"Gandalf" and "Frodo" are at 'Journey to Infinity', admiring M. C. Escher's artworks.

Good Morning Caturday!!! BaiBai, Queen of Slothstudio 😸😸😸

kaypoh Ginger playing with big plastic bag while we are busy packing T-shirts 😂😅

Brainstorming and doodling at kopi tiam before delivering art products 😬😉

Happy Friday :)

Some empty space left after the commissioned paintings are mailed. Now working on new paintings to be exhibited next month. Stay tuned!!

It's great meeting @lilita_yaya who commissioned me to paint her beloved Boogie. Have a nice trip in Singapore!!