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See another side of Agent Washington by taking a look into his locker. Apparently he really likes cats.

RWBY collection! "RWBY is a 3D web animation series created by Rooster Teeth Productions. The RWBY team includes protagonist and leader Ruby Rose, a young enterprise woman named Weiss Schnee, mysterious long black-haired Blake Belladonna, and Ruby’s step-sister Yang Xiao Long. Stylish and action-packed, full of weapons, it’s a series all about going through the tough times and making it out better. Their names and the colors they are associated with—Red, White, Black, Yellow—

This is a slime that goes into those hard-to-reach places and cleans them by bringing out all the dirt! Genius!

from Rooster Teeth Store

RWBY Three Beowolf Moon Shirt

RWBY Three Beowolf Moon Shirt | Rooster Teeth Store

I don't care what your job was, I love you all! Maybe South a little less...

Ruby Rose Headphones by ElectrokineticArtest. Rooster Teeth NEEDS to make these and sell them to me!

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