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Star Wars The Power of the Force-FlashBack Photo Aunt Beru

Star Wars The Power of The Force Flashback Photo Aunt Beru | eBay

Star Wars action figures from a 1980 catalog. #1980s #toys

1977 Star Wars bed sheets, very cool design. I still have this set. Well, I am missing the fitted sheet

Karosel Kitchen given to me one Christmas from my Grandpa - I loved that toy more than any other I ever had!! I wish I could find one now. My Dad was in the Air Force and we moved around a lot, it probably got lost during a move. I still have some of the little food items put away with my old Barbie Collection. Maybe one day I’ll find one, sigh . . .

Vintage Star Wars collectible "Laser Pistol" otherwise known as Han Solo's "Blaster."

This picture pretty much sums up my childhood. I was obsessed with Star Wars (as I still am today) and probably had every toy in this pic. Too bad I can't find them all now - only bits and pieces.

These were hot, hard, heavy and picky but we curled our hair with these for years.