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I am Enlightened. I say that I am the man who attained the Supreme Enlightenment and I believe that my Enlightenment can be helpful for your life and for the future of mankind. I am a truly Enlightened being. I can give you some examples which can prove my claims. I had to undergo through many big trials before I became Enlightened. Nobody amongst you will undergo such trails. In fact, I had never imagined that I would attain Enlightenment until I obtained it and I was not aware that I…

He lived in the wilderness for a time, and was called to come again before King Ahab at peril of his life. Faith-fullness comes to us in spite of difficulties to those who chose faith.

At 2am this morning just before laying my head down I had quite the paragraph written on the difficulties of living out John 13: 34&35 in my daily life never mind within the bigger picture of this troubled world! This morning the message doesn't need a paragraph it is quite simple love is the answer love like Jesus love in spite of what our preconceptions of others might be because of what the world teaches. It is our greatest witness to the world! #love #lovelikeJesus #loveoneanother…

The House on Fortune Street: Dara, whose father left unexpectedly when she was 10 years old, still suffers from the difficulties she experienced in childhood. Abigail, whose parents were not present in her life, carries similar feelings of neglect and confusion. Dara and Abigail, friends since university, live in the house on Fortune Street together, and this story, told through the perspectives of four different characters, examines how one grows and changes in spite of the past.

Gift of Fortitude (Courage / Strength / Zeal) – enables us to face with strength the trials and dangers we encounter in our Christian life. It empowers us to choose consistently the right way to live in spite of disappointments and difficulties. We can grow in courage by resisting the temptations of the world: money, power, self-centeredness, and self-righteousness. It is often seen as the root of the charism of evangelism. -------- Catholicity

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October Family Focus: Perseverance

Perseverance: steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement | Gypsy Magpie

If your dream is big enough, the odds do not matter. Decide to do whatever you must do to achieve your goal. Start where you are with what you have in your hands. Put your heart into it. Make it non-negotiable to work on your dream every day. Make the commitment to move forward in spite of the challenges and the difficulties that you will encounter. No excuse is acceptable to put yourself last. You have one life to live. Live your dream!! You have GREATNESS within you!!~Les Brown

In the end, you succeed BECAUSE of your life's difficulties, not in spite of them. They make you stronger and dress you with inner beauty.

''People who delight in simple pleasures and who manage to smile in spite of the difficulties they face have the clearest vision Of Life."