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The capuchin monkeys of Brazil’s Serra da Capivara National Park use stone hammers and anvils to crack open cashews — just as their parents did, and their parents’ parents, and so on back for at least 700 years. Theirs one of the oldest known examples of nonhuman tool use; so old, in fact, that researchers studying

Don't Flush Tiger Forests - Toilet Paper, Supermarkets, and Indonesia's Last Tiger Habitats. A report by the World Wildlife Fund. Paseo and Livi brand products are the ones to avoid if you want to do your bit to stop flushing the forests.

Noise Follows Heat as Arctic Wildlife’s Woes Mount Less ice makes for more shipping and industrial activity.


The Big Stink: D.C.'s Corpse Flower Put On A Show

The color of the corpse flower is similar to that of rotting flesh and raw meat.

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Fez. Ghosts of Marinid Dynasty / Duchy dynastii Marynidów

While looking at the photos, try to imagine that the souls of the Marinid sultans hid inside the bodies of donkeys, sheep and goats, which feel at home at the hill’s top.

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Water freezing out of the soil...?!