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this is how we remember our p a s t. this is how we safeguard our f u t u r e.


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Josh, Jennifer, you need to stop now. This is a serious movie with serious...NEVERMIND YOU GUYS ARE TOO CUTE WITH EACH OTHER UGH I QUIT

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"I have to win. I promised my sister." *Niagara Falls on my face* #mockingjay

The change of Katniss in the Hunger Games to the Mockingjay ! The Games destroyed her ♡

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I hate that they didn't do this scene justice in the movie, it's one of my favourites... Not to mention they make it look like Katniss is the one who blew up the hospital.... #firstworldproblems

"that's what you and i do, protect each other". #Everlark #MockingjayPart2

Katniss and Peeta #Everlark Mockingjay Part 2