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Alright so this is just some fluffy davekat, there is smut so just a warning there. I try and update as much as I can but I do not have a schedule so, you coul...

Okay I’m probably doing this wrong because nobody is on the internet but hey this is the time I am awake! Since we got to a nice round number recently (it was I wanted to draw one of those silly...

Is that Karkat? <- Yup. Did you read the page where KK was going to draw another chart and eventually got tangled up in Dave's cape? Well, that's what it ended as.

wait no i don't ship them wait just a second here-- <<IM SITTING HERE CRYING AND TRYING NOT TO WAKE UP MY WHOLE HOUSE OMG

I dont even know anymore… homestuck Dave Strider karkat vantas davekat replyartanddoodles chusska

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Wow this is the best DaveKat Cosplay I've ever seen!! I don't even ship it and wow! < I see what you did there << as you can see, the strider doesn't like pussy

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