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Not a DaveKat shipper, but this is adorable. <---- totally a Davekat shipper, and this is fucking adorable.

lazili: “ lazili: “ mahwaha answered: Dave, preferably [purrfurably] with an enormous [enormews] weakness for [fur] kitties. ” Probably not quite what you wanted. I have a hard time with cats aha...

blimpcat-art: “ Quick doodle before bed uwu; ♥ ”

Wow this is the best DaveKat Cosplay I've ever seen!! I don't even ship it and wow! < I see what you did there << as you can see, the strider doesn't like pussy

I giggled, then I zoomed in and saw "Grub On Board" and just lost it entirely. <--- I bet one of them lost a game or something- though I can't figure out which.

Davekat cuteness<--- slowly starting to ship this... BUT NOT IN COSPLAY. BLUH!<<<<gee thanks dude now I gotta throw away my cheap wig and cool ass shades you've found me out