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See how the gradient worked itself out. just put paint lines on cosmetic sponge it soaked it all up dab on nails the colors magically blended together.

Do You Know There are 6 Ways to Apply Eyeliner? In the process of makeup, eyeliner gives a significant impact; different ways of applying the eyeliner would create a different look! There are 6 ways to apply eyeliner, which one suits you the most?

'Tribal Galaxy Nail-Art' (Pattern inspired by 'tackyon-purpose') by Amy of 'A Different Shade of Polish' from her blog on tumblr(2014)<3<3<3WOW!<3<3<3

Diseños de uñas y manicura para el 2017

Diseños de uñas y manicura. Se me ocurrió traerles ideas geniales de diseños para que entremos en el...

15 Tips On How To Wash Your Makeup Brushes

DIY a makeup brush cleaning board. Inspired by secretlifeofabionerd youtuber. This board works really well. What you need it's a clip board and a hot glue gun. Small dots are for eye shadow / smaller brush heads; bigger dots are for face powder/ bigger brush heads; the wave lines are for cleaning out the soap. Hope it works for u guys too! :)

18 Radiant Ways To Get Your Glitter Mani On

1. Start with any polish color you want. We used black so you could really see how it’s done. Let it dry really well. You can even put a thin topcoat over it if you want so it doesn’t smudge when you add the glitter. 2. Using your dense glitter polish and a super-thin art brush, lay down a line of glitter polish at the tip of the nail. (Or you can do the moons if you’d rather.) 3. Using the thinnest art brush you can find, drag the glitter polish out carefully. You don’t need to drag too…