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This has been my theme verse for many serious and trying times in my life. It really gives me hope and reminds me that I don't need to retaliate or lash back at those who try to hurt me, God has my back through my whole life, I just have to stay still.

Jesus has chosen His children to be "Lights in the world...His blood Cleansed us and Saved us. And by Faith in Jesus, we will not perish but have eternal life"( Romans Matthew 1 Timothy Hebrews Therefore let our light shine before men, and Glorify God.

" of the hardest things..not relating. You will find people in your life who "know" they will not necessarily speak the words but you sense they understand on a whole different level than those who don't." - i kind of wish i didn't relate to this

Your authenticity is mesmerizing. Your vulnerability is captivating. Your flaws are enchanting. Your light is breathtaking. Your love is spellbinding. You are magic. -Craig Crippen. This is still how I feel about my love of 33 years. Love you Sherry.

I don't let the struggles I'm faced w in life become apart of me. I refuse to let negativity become apart of my life. Yes I have moments of weakness but I am not weak. Always have a reason to smile, you're alive and breathing and that's more than enough.

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