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Rookantha Goonatillake - Dura Atha Hima Yaye #Lyrics #Sinhala

Sinhala Song Chords,Chords srilanka Devole Nokalal Pidu Adara Mal දෙවොලේ නොකැළැල් පිදු ආදර මල්

Romantic Sinhala Song Lyrics -

Mom told me when I was 9 that I was "too weak to play the flute." So I wanted to play a violin, badly, but band didn't have one so I played the drums instead. Still want to learn how to play a violin.

Egodahage George Wilfred Alwis Samarakoon a.k.a Ananda Samarakoon was a Sri Lankan composer and musician. Before him the lyrical composition of the Sinhala song was only a derivative of the Ragadhari music of North Indian origin and the song lyrics were void of any meaningful phrases or had no literary merit. He composed the Sri Lankan national anthem however, critics censured arguing that it's introductory words prophesied doom for the country therefore, changed it accordingly.

Adare Mathake Thiya (ආදරේ මතකේ තියා ) ( ආදරේ සුවඳ අරන් ) Sinhala Song…