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Which Goblet of Fire Dumbledore is Better: Outraged or Calm?

I always make fun of this scene! As you can tell by the picture the book Dumbledore asks Harry calmly vs the movie Dumbledore who shakes Harry violently like a ragdoll. Too funny I'm glad someone made a cartoon of this!

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19 Books to Read If You Love 'The Hunger Games'

19 books to read for Hunger Games fans!

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The Maze Runner (2014)

The Maze Runner- Movie in theatres September 19, 2014 Based on the first book of the Maze Runner Trilogy, by James Dashner.

tiny ancient one ♥♥ Had this pic of Amren in my head for the longest time. The blood ruby paperweight killed me, guys. (Aaaaand, so has ACoMaF, for the record.)

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10 Yoga Books That Belong in Every Yogi's Library

Yoga Anatomy---it'd be great to see what muscle groups i'm using in some of my favorite positions

I am a pure blood and I shall try never to be a death eater but that doesn't mean I am not gonna go all Draco malfoy on them


'Terabithia' Inspired by True Events

when i first got this book from the library i knew that the boy looked familiar and i read that back and i am like "wait that says Josh Hutcherson" and i am like wait this is Peeta from the hunger games and my friend said yes it is and i was blown away!


The Green Mile (Blu-ray) (Widescreen)

one of the few movies made from a Stephen King book that i like almost as much as the book.......that never happens

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How To Introduce A Child To Jesus {the E-book}

Teaching little ones about Jesus - what a huge job! Ever wish you had a little guidance? This book is the help you've been looking for - simple, practical advice. Includes a list of 25 books & movies, answers to FAQ, tips for surviving church & more! You can do this - here's your help!