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Korean Food - Gamjatang

Korean Food - GamjatangTaejo Kamjaguk in the sunshin women's university area

Spicy Chicken Galbi cheese at Yoogane (http://dittowin.com/index.php/2016/02/28/chicken-galbi-at-yoogane-myeong-dong-seoul-korea/)

We went to Yoogane and got the Cheese Chicken Galbi. Chicken marinated in Yoogane's secret spicy sauce, vegetables, rice-cakes, and a moat of melted cheese.

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One of my favourite poisons. Don't know if this easy chocolate churros recipe works, but looking at this image makes my heart beat faster -- also, I might have gained a few kilos just by staring at it.

Gugak (국악)

Gugak (국악)

Make vegan: for filling combine cooked chickpeas that are roughly chopped (or pulsed in food processor) so that the texture is similar to tuna with homemade teriyaki sauce

Wholesome – Onigiri with tuna filling

Onigiri with Spicy Creamy Tuna, Watercress, Sesame Seed & Ginger Filling (Japanese, non-traditional)