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what's really adorable about this is Tom is not giving the Rock on hand gesture but the Love gesture .

Loki  Thor when Loki decides to switch forms and genders. Bahahaha! XD by Phobs

Loki & Thor when Loki decides to switch forms and genders. XD by Phobs<<< dayum loki is hawt.

Loki'd!!  part 1

Loki'd - Loki Thor Iron Man Toaster Strudels and Poptarts . What did I just read?

AMAZING painting - Thor, Loki, and Frigga [Artist: Jiuge]

This wonderful piece by Seatle-based artist Yang Fan fills me with awe and emotions. so basically the opposite of Thor # . View "Beautiful Portrait of Young Thor and Loki" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Thorki-The things I remember by GarnetQuyenDinh on DeviantArt

THIS sums up a lot of the interactions between Thor and Loki in the movie Thor: The Dark World.


The feels on the bus go round and round. <<< Round and round.

Thor and Loki with a Baby. And this is one of many reasons that Loki has more fangirls than Thor.

"Am I the only one reading this in my head in their voices?" <--NOPE, I did too ; Where did Loki find a random baby, lol? <<<he also was a random baby ;