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​H​o​u​s​e​ ​o​f​ ​F​r​a​n​k​e​n​s​t​e​i​n​ ​(​1​9​4​4​)​ ​|​ ​E​r​l​e​ ​C​.​ ​K​e​n​t​o​n​ ​|​ ​B​o​r​i​s​ ​K​a​r​l​o​f​f​ ​L​o​n​ ​C​h​a​n​e​y​ ​J​r​.​ ​J​o​h​n​ ​C​a​r​r​a​d​i​n​e​ ​|​ ​M​o​v​i​e​ ​t​i​t​l​e​ ​s​t​i​l​l​s​ ​c​o​l​l​e​c​t​i​o​n​:​ ​u​p​d​a​t​e​s

Come Viaja Ama: F R A S E S D E C I N E : Primos

F I E L E F R A G R A N C E S are an American company, who produces old-world artisanal perfumes reinterpreted for the modern day. Their fragrances are luxe, clean and a little earthy, with an emphasis on superior quality natural ingredients.

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• I N D U S T R I A L • L U X E • C H I C • When you combine the elements of an industrial space + transform it to a chic luxe setting for an unforgettable + fabulous surprise birthday S T Y L I N G + D E S I G N + P R O P S @jimketevents F l o r a l t r e e s @jimketevents F l o r a l s @blooms_by_elle C o c o n u t s @kayter_co C u p D e s s e r t s @dessertswithlynda C a k e @sunnybakehouse #jimket #birthday #surprise #eventstylist #luxe #chic #styling #stylinginspiration #love…

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