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Readers’ Best Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Homemade Reed Diffusers (Air Fresheners)

Homemade Air Fresheners: Essential Oil Reed Diffusers Small jar with small opening 5-6 reed sticks or bamboo skewers 1/4 cup carrier oil (safflower or sweet almond oil) 15 drops essential oils 1 teaspoon alcohol (optional, and should be at least 90%)

Use These 19 Genius Cleaning Hacks This Spring. I Can't Believe I Never Thought Of #13 Til Now.

Love the smell of Pottery Barn? Me too! Grab some lemon juice, vanilla extract, and rosemary to ensure that you give your guests the BEST first impression upon entering your house!

Conquer Household Odors

Zap Clothing Smells Stored clothing: At-home dry-cleaning kits like Dryel ($11 at supermarkets) remove stale odors. Sweat/body odor: Wash your clothes to kill body odor in fabrics. Shoes: Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row, and stuff them with newspaper, which absorbs moisture and, therefore, smells. Avoid sprays, which can leave a white residue.

How to Clean Your Coffee Maker! ~ from ~ this simple little cleaning trick works like a charm! #thefrugalgirls

Make Your Own Adorable No-Sew Sock Bunnies

No sew sock bunnies... Seems like a legit way to get rid of old socks and decorate for EASTER!!!