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This is a picture of Team Canada winning gold in 2014. I chose this picture to represent Canadian culture because when a Canadian team makes it far in something everyone watches the game to show their support. It is like our culture now to go crazy for something like this. Its similar to when the Blue Jays and Leafs made it to the playoffs everyone started watching the game.

Complete overview of Canada. Includes information on Canadian history, aboriginals (Inuit and First Nations peoples), ecozones, native animals, provinces and territories, and Canadian culture. Also has a list of vocabulary words. %0A%0A---EDIT: Uploaded a newer version with spelling errors corrected.

French-Canadian heritage. This is one reason I keep my maiden name. Am proud to have heritage from Quebec!

Love it! 144 things Canadians have given to the world. From The beaver? How did the beaver know where the border was.

from CBC News

A history of residential schools in Canada

RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLSA history of residential schools in Canada CBC News: Stolen Children June 8-21, 2008


Canada Culture Map Printable

Learn about Canadian culture with this download! #Canada #geography:

Canadian History mystery lesson ideas 11-14

The Red Sash is a picture book about the history of the fur trade in Canada. It tells of the relationship between the First Nations First Nations, and the Métis people of Canada, and the French Canadian voyageurs on a fur trading post in the 1800's.