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Pete Bullock, synthesiser, piano, clarinet, baritone saxophone, organ; Michael Gregory, drums, nakers, tambourine; Ashley Hutchings, electric bass; Dave Mattacks, drums, tambourine; Simon Nicol, vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitar; Phil Pickett, shawms, bagpipes, curtals, trumpet; Ric Sanders, violin, violectra; John Tams, vocals, melodeon; Graeme Taylor, electric guitar, acoustic guitar

Polly Jean Harvey (born 9 October 1969) is an English musician, singer-songwriter, writer, poet, composer and occasional artist. Primarily known as a vocalist and guitarist, she is also proficient with a wide range of instruments including piano, organ, bass, saxophone, harmonica, and most recently, the autoharp.

Although it's Stanley Turrentine's sultry saxophone that makes this rare track memorable for me. It was actually released in August 1964 on Scott's album "Ev...

I Shall Be Released by The Band (1968) Members Garth Hudson (Lowrey organ, piano, keyboards, saxophone, accordion, horn), Rick Danko (vocals, bass, violin, guitar), Levon Helm (vocals, drums, mandolin, guitar), Richard Manuel (vocals, piano, drums, 1967-86), Robbie Robertson (guitar, vocals, 1967-76), Jim Weider (guitar, 1985-99), Randy Ciarlante (bass, drums, vocals, 1990-99), Stan Szelest (keyboards, 1990-91), Richard Bell (keyboards, 1992-99) ....

PLACES - JAN GARBAREK Release date: 01.09.1978 ECM 1118 FEATURED ARTISTS Jan Garbarek Saxophones Bill Connors Guitar John Taylor Organ, Piano Jack DeJohnette Drums

Cold Blood band - If You Will Lydia Pense - vocals Frank Davis - drums Rod Ellicott - bass Larry Fields - guitar Raul Matute - organ, piano Mic Gillette - trumpet Danny Hull - saxophone Jerry Jonutz - trumpet, saxophone Carl Leach - trumpet David Padron - trumpet Larry Jonutz - trumpet