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Me and the Hat by Miss-MischiefX on DeviantArt

Harry isn't unobservant part 1/2

You still miss Alan Rickman? After all this time? Always.

Miss Mischief by ~nosredna1313. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits


Immerse Yourself Into the Harry Potter World With Harry Potter Ambient Sounds

Awesome Harry Potter ambient sounds to fully immerse yourself into the magical world of Potter.

Miss mischief: HEADCANON Tikki and Plagg are turned to humans. And they go to school with them as new kids. Tikki helps Alya with her blog. And Adrien is forced to stop Plagg from getting in trouble. Marionette is trying to find what happen with Master Yung. And when they need to transform they turned back to normal.

11. Co-ed Beaubaxtons and Durmstrang 12. Age-appropriate Lily and James casting 13. More of James and less of Snape so it doesn't fucking seem like Snape was a poor misunderstood child whose love was snatched from him 14. Voldemort dying as a human, not as some mystical being whose face was blown away in order to provide closure for the Wizarding World and show that in the end, he was just human, like everyone else

Miss Mischief rocking our cage skirt. Photography by Laura Dark MUA Mascaraid

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