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The Groin Cup gets Re-Engineered, Lo-Bloo launches to North America -

What to Eat for a Healthy Brain - Brain Food

Sunflower Seeds... A handful provides a good dose of vitamin E, a nutrient that appears to shield neurons from cell-damaging free radicals. After analyzing data from subjects ages 55 and older, Harvard researchers discovered that people who consumed the most vitamin E were 25 percent less likely to develop dementia than those who consumed the least.

Fixing flaws in science must be professionalised. By me in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. – Bad Science

I love this video, the main goal is to keep Michael Hastings memory ALIVE Thank you Cherokee Bloo By continuing to talk about Michael's story will only keep his story alive and bring more awareness to the subject. Michael was the voice for all of us and I think it's only fair that we try and get to the bottom of what really happened to Mr Hastings. RIP-Michael Hastings1980-2013