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I got a bit of a problem with killing the game #LITGANG #ItsLIT #MyTeamLIT by @demariosb via http://ift.tt/1RAKbXL

And it's killing me and you have no idea... When you are struggling and you just wish they cared or wondered if they miss you.

ClimateGate After Five Years: Ten Credibility-Killing Quotes from Leaked Files That Media Ignored

At the age of 12, Gul Meena was married to a 60-year-old man in Pakistan. Last year, she escaped to Afghanistan with a boyfriend but her brother tracked them down.

Akame (Akame ga Kill) _ uma luchadora que sabe o valor da luta pois carrega o peso do resultado dela nas costas _ bela filosofia de lucha _ personagem do ano

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