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“Slap on the wrist” is a mild punishment. Example: The judge gave her a slap on the wrist by sentencing her to a few hours of community service. Get our apps for learning English: learzing.com

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“Facepalm” means to put your hand on your forehead when a stupid thing has been done. Example: I facepalmed when a student asked me if Vancouver was a city in Mexico. Get our apps for learning English: learzing.com

idiomland: “ “Change your mind” means “to have a different opinion or intention than you had before”. Example: If you don’t buy the painting now, he may change his mind and refuse to sell it. Get our apps for learning English: learzing.com ”

"People judge me because of my tattoos. What they don't know is that for every month sober i reward myself with a new tattoo. It keeps me motivated. "

Let’s be found living with abandon, sweet friends. Let’s leap into arms ready and willing to catch us. Because the life that surrenders to Jesus this way is the life that gets to fully experience His presence, His provision, His promises, His soul-satisfying abundance. -Lysa TerKeurst

“Stud” means an attractive man thought to be very sexually active or promiscuous. Example: That police officer is a stud! I’d let him handcuff me any day! Get our apps for learning English: http://learzing.com

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