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Sydney the Bactrian Camel with George Mottershead and Lizzie Mottershead in "Our Zoo", 2014.

Lady Daphne Goodwin (Celia Imrie) with Mortimer (Squirrel Monkey), George Mottershead (Lee Ingleby) and Muriel Mottershead (Amelia Clarkson) in "Our Zoo" ep 3, 2014.

Lee Ingleby as George Mottershead with Mortimer (1894-1978) the squirrel monkey in BBC One drama "Our Zoo", 2014.

Muriel (Amelia Clarkson), Lizzie (Liz White), George (Lee Ingleby) and June Mottershead (Honor Kneafsley) in "Our Zoo", 2014, set in 1930's about founding the Chelsea Zoo as a cage free zoo..

Billy Atkinson (played by Ralf Little),with Humboldt Penguin, in "Our Zoo", 2014.

Lady Katherine Longmore (Sophia Myles) in "Our Zoo" 2014

"Our Zoo" 2014, BBC drama series about 1930's and founding of cage-free Chelsea Zoo.

Now 88, June Mottershead recalls the day in 1930 when they moved from a two-up two-down home in Nantwich, 20 miles away, into the rambling Oakfield Manor

June Mothershead (Honor Kneafsley) with Mortimer, a squirrel monkey. "Our Zoo", ep 1, BBC drama set in thirties.

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