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Some modified starches are used within the bread of fast foods, they are broken down with amylase enzymes making an unnatural simple sugar. It is this chemically induced simple sugar which is so addictive to man and causes him to crave these kinds of breads and other foods. This can also lead to some breathing problems, for those who use the chemical and digest it often.

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When you’re boiling water for pasta or potatoes, throw a bay leaf in the pot. The aromatic herb adds a subtle flavour to your starches that complements almost any dish.

Deodorant 1} coconut oil {because it's anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-viral, and will stop the stink + moisturize} 2} baking soda {anti-stink, absorbent} 3} potato starch {absorbency, helps solidify your mixture} 4} oats {gently exfoliate, soothe and soften skin} 5} chamomile {healing} 6} juniper essential oil {anti-septic}

One of the most important crops brought to the old world was the potato. Potatoes where the largest crop that had impact on the old world. The potato came from South America to Europe. When the potato first came to Europe the people there didn't know what to think. Some thought it caused diseases.

More info about Kudzu. We need to be using it rather than killing it. Please read all about this nutritious plant.

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Natural Translucent Face Powder :: i wonder if there is anything that could be added for tinting?