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42 Islam Qila border point on Afghanistan-Iran dorder 26 Jul_42.jpg (432×324)

Saudi's ask Pakistan for help invade Yemen - Well it had to happen sooner rather than later…if you keep your hand out for easy money at some point the ‘donor would ask for his pound of flesh…in this case Pakistani troops. In 2014 the Saudis gave Pakistan US$1.5 billion. Incidentally, Saudi Arabia sheltered the present PM of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharief, when he was deposed by a military coup in 1999. So how will the Shia majority Iran, the neighbour of Pakistan with whom it shares a 900 km border…

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Leaked memo shows how George Soros planned to overthrow Vladimir Putin and destabilize Russia

Leaked memo shows how George Soros planned to overthrow Vladimir Putin and destabilize Russia -

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Things to See on Your Holidays in Jordan

A country in the Arab world, Jordan shares its border with Iran, Iraq and Syria. Jordan is also known as Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, since it is still a monarchy. Most of this country is covered with arid deserts, which get water from the Oasis and the highest point out here is Jabal, which is nearly 5600 feet above sea level.

Beatiful spring in kohak village; The first point of sunrise in Iran in the easternmost point of this land; The border of Pakistan, Saravan District, Sistan and Baluchestan province, Iran. (Persian: چشمه زیبای روستای کوهک؛ ابتدایی ترین نقطه برآمدن آفتاب در ایران زمین در شرقی ترین نقطه این سرزمین؛ نقطه صفر مرزی پاکستان، شهرستان سراوان، استان سیستان بلوچستان) Credit: Morteza Esfandiar

Lake Van, Turkish Van Gölü, lake, largest body of water in Turkey and the second largest in the Middle East. The lake is located in the region of eastern Anatolia near the border of Iran. It covers an area of 1,434 square miles and is more than 74 miles across at its widest point. The salt water allows for no animal life save the darekh, a freshwater fish that has adapted to a saline environment. #1001images #mideast #Turkey

Assad, Hezbollah, and Iran’s Onslaught Towards Israel. Map shows attempt by ‘axis of resistance’ to secure towns and strategic points in order to drive rebels out of Israeli border region.