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COP19 Warsaw Climate Talks Update: The word "commitment" has now been changed to "contribution" in Warsaw Climate negotiations. "China, now the world's biggest carbon emitter, is still unwilling to be tied to the same emission-reduction obligations as industrialised nations, stressing that the country is still in development...Li said that China had yet to show genuine leadership."

from The Huffington Post

Middle East Summers Could Become Unlivable By End Of Century

The "father of global warming" has a dire warning for people living in hot, tropical locales.

David Suzuki - The baffling response to Arctic climate change - The report's authors also conclude that the challenges of global poverty and climate change "can be tackled simultaneously with the same policy framework that would shift our development path to a low-carbon footing," creating "jobs, investment opportunities, new possibilities for international cooperation and technological deployment to the benefit of all."

The next few years are an important period with the potential to significantly affect the nature of the planet on which today’s young people and future generations will live and hopefully prosper.