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[S] Erisolsprite be Elsa! This is a request from my classmate XD. All hail queen Elrisa! Anyway, I love to draw Erisolsprite cross-dressing * w *

Do you wanna have some strife, dude? C'mon, let's find my sword! I never talked to you much before, no time for more; we're nearing my last days! Do you wanna have some strife, dude? It can only be some strife, dude..

Have you ever asked the Jugglo while he grin~? -karkahontas<~~~WHAT AM I LOOKING AT AND WHY >>> Have you ever seen a juggalo honk at the green slime pie? You can paint with all the colors of the Faygo...Kakahontas featuring Terezi Smith.

DISNEYSTUCK :Dave: by toontownxPARTY

If disney produced like a movie series based upon homestuck that didnt suck and was written and directed by andrew hussie only with music scenes :)