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I need feminism because “men’s jobs” (like engineering and physician) pay more than “women’s” jobs. And that is NOT okay!

Even if a woman hasn't experienced rape, she has still had to take preventative action against it. She has still had to face the reality that she could be raped any time she's home alone or any time she goes on a date or any time she and her friends are out too late. It's an everyday threat for us.

I have 3 sons and they're learning how to cook, bake, clean and do laundry because gender roles are ridiculous. I want them to know how to take care of themselves without thinking it's a woman's job.

you need to refer to this when discussing wage gap or else you're ignoring very real issue of racial inequality & oppression

Jobs don't get stolen. Companies send them elsewhere to MAKE MORE MONEY. Simple

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19 People Who Think Feminism Is For Conquering Men

19 People Who Think Feminism Is For Conquering Men - Gallery

Unpatriotic Teabag Republikkkan Obstructionists... who refuse to do their Job!!

😂😂😂 This is very binary, but quite comical

Women in Leadership infographic reveals different statistics of women in the workplace.

This is cute, I like how the first two just don't want to hurt any one just because it's wrong. This parents did a good job!