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“Preferiría ser el gato que observa todo con descaro desde lo alto de una pared, con expresión inescrutable. El gato que evita las caricias, que no las necesita.¿Por qué no ser ese gato?”~Hija de Humo y Hueso

LOL!!! Please support your local shelters and rescue groups. Won't you open up your Responsible, Healthy, Loving and Forever home to a deserving animal? You’ll be saving a life. Adopt, never shop, and please don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die. Always spayed or neutered and microchip your pets. Thanks 

#cats make their own kind of music. LOOOOOVEEEEEE When a cat does not purr there is something wrong, When a cat makes a meow sound they are hungry and they want to eat. When a cat growls they do not like you. When a cat sleeps with you that is love. Trust is earned and there is nothing better than that. Sleep tight. My thoughts on cats. Theincensewoman