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Burton is a Chihuahua dog at Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue in Quakertown, PA. 215-538-2510. Burton is a tiny little man at only 4 lbs and is 7 yrs old. He just had some bloodwork done and it seems he has a bit of a UTI and kidney infection we are currenlty treating, but hopefully all is well in a few weeks and he will be ready for that new family to love him forever. He was reportedly house broken when his family gave him up because they didn't have time for him after the birth of a new…

Burton is an adoptable Chihuahua Dog in Quakertown, PA. Burton is a tiny little man only about 4 lbs. He just had some bloodwork done and it seems he has a bit of a UTI and kidney infection we are cur.

Chronic canine and feline kidney failure requires ongoing management. Learn about available options for managing chronic canine and feline renal failure.

Common Signs of Kidney Failure in Dogs and Cats That Need Prompt Care

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)....Bladder Infection Symptoms and Causes .... Forever Living Aloe Vera Products In Pakistan

From intense pain to a "silent" infection, UTI symptoms can vary greatly. WebMD's pictures show the tests, causes, and treatments for bladder and kidney infections.

What Are the Symptoms of a Dog Dying from Kidney Failure?

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Natural Support for Feline Kidney Disease / Renal Failure

Natural Support for Feline Chronic Kidney Disease / Renal Failure

canine kidney failure

The Dog Health Guide is a resource for pet parents that want to understand canine diseases and conditions.

Renew Life: Total Kidney Cleanse Product Review (help get rid of UTI infections)

Heavy Metal Cleanse is specifically designed to remove heavy metals from the tissues and organs and eliminate them from the body.