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Mysteriöse "LINIE" am MOND!|strange "LINE" visible with naked eye! WTF is that? =skywatchMARL=✈ - YouTube

8 US Soldiers Disappear removing 5000 yr old flying machine from Afgan cave....all US ambassadors recalled to USA to be briefed on something for the first time in history....Leaders of almost every major country taken to see this site.... wow

What happens when a very young child's complete skeleton is found intact with an already-formed and perfect elongated skull? What can the explanation be for this strange anatomical feature? The cranial binding theory can be dismissed since the child didn't live long enough for the process to have an effect. So how did this child develop an elongated skull so early in life? This is one example that modern science chooses to avoid like the plague - because it has no answer. Conventional…

Life Before Death - These photos of people before and after death are strangely fascinating. Very sad, yet beautiful...and gives so much food for thought.

previous -GreenChildrenof Banjos.In 1887twochildren were found alone at a cave near Banjos Spain.Their language was unknown–notSpanish.They wore clothes of a strange metallic cloth.Their skin had an odd green tint.the boy soon died since it was difficult to get either of them to eat.The girl survived she was able to communicate in Spanish she said they had come from a place that had no sun-a land of perpetual twilight. Theyheard a loud bang,were pushed through "something," then were in the…

List of reasons for admission into the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum from the late 1800s.