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I found a lot of clever photo collages from artist Nicholas Bass, but this piece in particular stuck me in way that I associated it with the socially conscious theme, though it may seem outlandish. Television and religion have the ability control the masses on a large scale if approach correctly. It may be farfetched but that's initial my take.

These beautiful photos are the property of the talented photographers linked to below. If you love these images, please let the photographers know. Share the love! :) Enjoy! 1. ., 2. Blossom, 3. snowdrops, 4. Who likes green tea?, 5. Untitled, 6. Die Sonne war kurz da, 7. Limes, 8. White Orchid, 9. Lagurus, 10. spring will.., 11. tea time., 12. Star, 13. Summer Daisies. Created with fd's Flickr Toys