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Chris Kluwe seems like a pretty cool guy. He also plays World of Warcraft and had a lot of hilarious things to say when the latest SimCity came out and had ridiculous DRM that pretty much made it awful.

Chris Evans you dirty boy! You screwed it up lol then you get Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy, Scarlet that at least say the same thing . The Robert blurts out the end :) this made my morning

senior pictures, ideas for guys, locations, lake, railroad tracks, gymnast, Texas Aggie, North Texas Photographer, dallas

After the initial attraction dies down, there has to be the thing that engages you, and that is intelligence and humor.


Relationship goals.

There's a look of despair on his face like the world just collapsed on top of him. X) Love this.

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TurtleSquirtle on

This picture just kills me every time. GAAAHHHH.

That really spangled my stars. I'm going to start using that in my everyday conversation whenever possible.

Chris Kluwe: The NFL needs to catch up with society on gay rights or it will start losing money

You know... I have a theory that Kirk has a thing for/with apples. He just seems like that kind of guy. Weird? Yes, I know. But it is possible I love Kirk!!!