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Water swing! Summer joy! ... [Swing in English = Balanço in Brazilian Portuguese]

Funny pictures about Awesome place to have a swing. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome place to have a swing. Also, Awesome place to have a swing photos.

Time to get FREE.

Warning, the images you are about to see will give you a major travel boner

i know these swing rides at carnivals are made for kids, but i have to admit, i still love them! the feeling of flying through the air on one of these is soo freeing. i will probably always be the tallest person in line for one of these :)

ruralgirl:  “ (via Summer & Garden)  ”

Summer on the dock -- dangling feet in the water and sharing secrets with your best friend. ruralgirl: (via Summer & Garden)

paddle board on a lake...half fun (knowing that you might fall in), half fear (knowing that you might fall in). DO IT ANYWAY. #evoxSummer

What a fun and exciting workout! Can't wait for next summer to have our lake and start paddle boarding!