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the most amazing thing about Sounds Good Feel Good and i couldn't agree more.

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*dont murder me for saying plz and thnk u* I honestly think that 5sos would have loads more respect if they weren't brought up by 1d (I got nothing against one direction they're talented people) but I feel like if they didn't have that boyband label cos of the 1d tour, they would gain so much more respect. And I feel like we'd have a ton less drama. Just having 1d being the huge boyband they are, drama just naturally comes wit them and the fans. Not all 1d fans create drama, just some. Jus…

Tbh I hate this. Especially if it's another bands shirt. If you don't actually listen to the artist and like their music, don't buy it. Don't buy another bands shirt just because a band member wears it. Ok

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When “The Boys” release a single, and it is not what you expected; because it’s better then you imagined. She’s Kinda Hot : ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ Go check out 5 seconds of summer’s new...