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Jennifer’s Body Dir: Karyn Kusama Stars: Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody, Johnny Simmons A beautiful and hot cheerleader is possessed and turns into a killer who specializes in seducing her male classmates. Watch the movie here:

Celebrity Prom Photos You Won't Believe Are Real

Queen Rin-Charles wife and Zana'a mother. A fierce warrior and frigid mother. Fought by Charles' side during the civil war and expects her daughter to be just as strong. Character belongs to Sam (pepperdaphoenix) Picture is someone else's.

Here you will find photos that I find sexy or erotic. Much of it will be vintage but not all of it. Of course what I think is vintage may not be what you think is vintage. Most of it will be black and...

Katy Perry - Wish You The Worst reminds me of anne boleyn and jane seymour....she's a copy of everything Im not I guess you forgot how to pick em Im not impressed at all..Let me be the curse that creeps under your skin...goes great for them