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When it comes to inner strength, or resilience - the ability to cope with difficult situations, deal with stress, and overcome the odds - highly sensitive people seem to have some kind of secret ability to weather life’s storms.

Campolina stallion, Mensagem da Barraca. The gaited Campolina of Brazil originated as most South American breeds did, from Iberian and Barb stock. But adding in a number of tall breeds of non-Spanish lineage and very different morphology has made the Campolina the largest Brazilian breed with a unique look. Its large, trapezoid-shaped head and long ears are unmistakeable. Various shades of dun and pinto are the most common colors.

Unforgettable Oreo, a homozygous black and homozygous Tobiano paint mare with the Rabicano gene (proven by offspring). The roaning around her colored areas is known as "halos" It is not known at this time what causes halos or why some Tobianos have them while other do not.

Looks like a Brindle Paint/TB cross ... We've had a few brindled over the years ... I NEVER choose a horse for color of markin's!! NEVER!!!! :)

Morgan is an adoptable Paint/Pinto Horse in Rosharon, TX. DOB - Approx. 2009 Height - 13.2 hands and growing Registration None known Color/Markings - Bay and white Tobiano markings Arrived: 10/11/2010...

Pintabian stallion MP Alis Dandi has more than 99,6% of Arabian blood in its pedigree. Pintabian needs to have more than 99% of Arabian blood and tobiano coloring. Breeding them is a longish project, but the result is awesome: looks like an Arabian but with tobiano color!

Unforgettable Oreo, homozygous tobiano Paint mare, who also carries rabicano. This is a picture of her as a filly, showing her partial blue eye. Proudly owned by Barbara Morrison.

Paint Paint horses have two or more colors on their coats and they appear to have spots or patterns, like a cow. They are white with another color (brown, black, red, gold). There are two main types of paint horses--tobiano and overo. A famous paint horse is the horse Rain in "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron".