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"19 Vintage Photographs Of Stylin’ Librarians: Definitive proof that books are the sexiest accessory of all."

"Passions in the Dark Series" © 2014 By: H. Dirk Macgrieve Christian Del Franco grew up, in a small rural area just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Just after high school, he was accepted into one of the local universities in Phoenix, where he received...

One simple thing only - the context......ha-ha :))) They could´t get it,that´s why the bZZZZZZZZZ - canaille - cochonery...:))) Amoebas...never get into the in....the shoe.A-ha-ha :))) It is "HHHHHrigilla - imbe - imbe "..My dear goodness ,Thx alot :)

We fall in love with people we have never met and cities we have never been to. I am Gaëlle and I live in Belgium. New York is my dream, tumblr my way of expressing myself. I like photography, fashion and bands. Welcome on my tumblr enjoy your stay!

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