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Picture of the S.S. St. Louis. This was the ship that was carrying almost 1000 Jews, who had managed to escape Europe. As they were sailing to North America they thought they would be free. Upon arrival, the Canadian, American, and Cuban Government denied access to the country. So they had to sail all the way back to Europe were they were captured. This effected all the Jewish people on board, as well as it shows that Canada was not always so accepting as it is today.

This is a picture post Pearl Harbour. They were sent to Internment camps by the United States and also Canadian Governments. This is a primary source as it was taken from the perspective of a bystander. The internment of Japanese Canadians and Japanese Americans, changed how things like that are looked at today, as well as it practically ruined the lives of most of the Japanese people involved, as post war, they had nothing.

This picture dated June 1939 shows the M.S. St. Louis in Havana, Cuba. The St. Louis carried 930 Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany to Cuba where all but 22 denied landing. After being refused refuge in the U.S., the ship returned to Europe where the refugees were scattered in Great Britain, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Many of the passengers who were not in Britain were ultimately rounded up and sent to concentration camps.

Voyage of the Damned: Story of the MS St Louis in 1939. 937 Jews on board, the ship, bound for Havana, fell victim to Nazi propaganda and a cruel shift in political power in Cuba. Denied permission to dock, the St Louis returned to Europe!

Antwerpen, Belgium, Passengers of the St. Louis ship disembarking after they were not permitted entry into Cuba and America, 17/06/1939 They were sent to death camps. Thank you President Roosevelt for being an asshole and not allowing these Jews into the USA and proving Hitlers experiment with this ship. Hitler said no one will take the Jews or help them. He was correct.

This picture was taken after The Allies liberated The Netherlands. Canadians and The Allies walked through Holland and gave the land back to the people. That's why people in Holland still send us flowers today. This moment and event was important in not only the history of Canadians but also for the inhabitants of Holland. They were freed from the hold of the Nazi's. People were able to be free and no longer be under the control of the Fascist Nazi party.

A group of passengers from the MS St. Louis arrive in France after the ship returned to Europe. 1939. The ship full of Jews, rejected by USA for immigration and sent back to Europe where passengers sent to death camps

Gustav Schröder (September 27, 1885 – January 10, 1959) was a sea captain, who is best known for attempting to save 937 German Jews, who were passengers on his ship, the S.S. St. Louis, from the Nazis in 1939.

Jewish refugee passengers aboard the SS St. Louis bathe in the swimming pool on the deck of the ship.

A Jewish refugee couple poses on the gangway of the SS St. Louis as they disembark from the ship in Antwerp.