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Simple and cute

Simple and cute

Sweet unique flower & nail designs

Sweet unique flower nail designs still not mine

Ongle blanche

Ongle blanche

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could never do it, but i like the colors

This would be awesome! Yes, @Rob Cawte Ahrns , I'm looking at nail designs for me too :p... maybe even for my bridesmaids

Black and purple rose nail art.

Converse nails so cute

These are cute do it yourself converse nails!

❀ Blog - http://www.arcadianailart.com   ✼ Twitter - https://twitter.com/ArcadiaNailArt   ❂ How To Paint Your Other Hand - http://www.arcadianailart.com/p/one-of-most-common-questions-im-asked.html     So this is how I do my gradient nail art.  I'm a bit of perfectionist so I like my gradients to be really......gradiated?  Wtf is the word???    Ummm...

How To Do Gradient Nails - Simple Nail Art Tutorial.looks fairly easy but time consuming of your terrible at nails:)


pink and leopard nail design

Colorful nail for summer

Neon blue and yellow bow and polka dot nails

Hahaha minions. Adorable

Minion Nails - hee hee if we r minions this year we have to do this!