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Socks Anatomy by Anton Repponen Socks design concept using the human anatomy texture. Anton Repponen was born in Russia, studied in Estonia and now works in New York / Stockholm. His personal portfolio is filled with lovely clean, minimal design.

For women with fibromyalgia, even common tasks like cleaning the house or putting on socks can can worsen muscle aches. Discover the top 14 gadgets to ease discomfort throughout your day.

Serotonin syndrome and fibromyalgia are two “friends” that no one wants to have. They have a complicated history together. Very often, one is misdiagnosed as the other; and they can also come together as mutual syndromes in one person.

from A Life Well Red

Common Fibromyalgia Eye Problems ~ From Constant Tearing To Excessive Dryness

This article contains 5 really HELPFUL TIPS that I can use to solve a few of the most ANNOYING ISSUES I experience with my chronic illness (Fibromyalgia)! My eyes have had trouble ever since I was diagnosed with FMS. Now at least I have a few beneficial steps to take to help REDUCE THESE SYMPTOMS! *Pin Now Save For Later

Hand Pain And Fibromyalgia ~ a few suggestions for pain relief too - Explains quite a bit - If I had known some of this I might not have bothered with xrays and additional bloodwork